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Based in the Kingdom of Bahrain, Q1 has firmly established itself since 2006 as the leading supplier of premium products and services to a wide range of customers. Q1 has grown a strong and diversified customer base, which has evolved over the years due to the company’s commitments to the very highest levels of quality and customer service.

The customer base of Q1 includes many prestigious international 5 and 4 star hotel chains, furnished apartments, government ministries, hospitals, health clinics, universities, schools, restaurants, coffee shops and others.

Q1 products are carefully sourced from around the world, with many products coming from Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands and China. Maximum durability, together with optimum design and quality are the main features of our products. In addition to the numerous of-the-shelf products, customer can order customized product with the branding or logo placement.

Q1 is proud to provide exemplary customer service 24 hours a day through dedicated and experienced sales and support teams that strive and work relentlessly to understand and satisfy the values customers’ needs and aspirations.

Please contact Q1 and access a world of choice and outstanding  value for your money.

Our Service Scope

  • Prestigious International Hotel & Hotel Industries.
  • Furnished Apartments & Luxury Residence.
  • Resorts, Malls & Cinemas.
  • Governments Ministries & institutions.
  • Companies & Offices.
  • Hospitals, Health care centers & Clinics.
  • Universities, Schools & Learning institutes.
  • Restaurants, Cafés & coffee shops.

Our products are carefully sourced from around the world like Italy, Germany, France, Netherlands and China.

Maximum durability along with creative, modern and optimum designs plus the best quality is our package for you by being the main features for our products.

In addition to our “walk-in” services, our off-the-shelf products are arranged in the best layout in our Q1 showroom for our Local self-shopper customers.

Whatever is your line of business we are equipped to provide the best products to help you be one of the best in your field, with the ability to order customized products with your choice of branding or logo replacement service.

Our Customer Service

Q1 is proud to provide around the clock 24 hours a day customer service for our dear customers through a  very dedicated and experienced sales and support teams whom has the pleasure to work relentlessly to understand your needs & help you to reach to satisfaction.

Don’t forget to check our amazing products and explore a world of choices in our company website or through our catalogs and we promise you the best prices ever.

We look forward to hear from you.

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